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> What we really need at BP? <

> Although having a central blog is good and having a common wiki
> still seems smart to me, Natalie's original idea of having solutions
> posted on each of our own blogs is key to making the BP go.

When I think about what's "wrong" (ie, "currently not working all that well") with the current implementation of the BP idea, I feel that it may boil down to one thing: we don't have an easy way to see each other's posts. (Now I believe that aggregators need that we have compatible blogs: all RSS, all XML, or whatever. But I'm not sure if that's the case.) Let's call this "VISIBILITY OF IDEAS". Mutual visibility. What the others are thinking about. Otherwise, we are disconnected members of a noisy blogosphere.

After our conversations, I also feel it would be good to be able to SELF-ORGANIZE AROUND TOPICS: maybe I like what I read in your blog and we "go" to "someplace" to have a creative thinking session (it could even be a yahoo list), or we ask each other questions and give each other answers - as long as "solutions" stick out and get blogged, that's fine: focused chat leading to ideas that can be explored and offered to voters. This second point depends on the first "visibility" one, and adds the "working spaces" item. In "parliamentary" idiom, we may need, or at least want, some kind of "comitee rooms". I feel I'm more creative when I interact with others. Also, I need information when I'm not an expert in certain things. I don't know how to formalize workgroups with blogs: I would like to have a "place" with the title "HUNGER" (for example) where I would simply put "parli.blogalia.com", thus "subscribing" to that topic.

My intimate summary is this: creative ideas, solutions in any stage of exploration, are the important visible tip of a larger iceberg of intention and focus and creative work. We need all that, I guess.

I'll post this in my blog because I feel this calls for software powers which I personally don't have at all. Or maybe it's just plain good old blogs used in creative ways?

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De: lgs Fecha: 2004-02-24 22:31

read at joi ito's

De: Roger Eaton Fecha: 2004-02-25 07:29

This is the link? http://joi.ito.com/joiwiki/EmergentDemocracyPaper

De: Roger Eaton Fecha: 2004-02-25 07:53

ooops -- I see now -- "the process that people go through to reach a higher level of caring for human beings outside of their immediate circle" -- transcendence -- http://www.emersoncentral.com/oversoul.htm

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