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> BP needs collective blog-site <

Natalie asks:

>Does anyone have experience of other blogging servers that would be:
>1. free,
>2. reliable,
>3. quick and easy to use,
>4. not plastered with advertising,
>5. allow or provide a Comments facility,
>6. allow uploading of images.
>(When presenting solutions, this is an important factor as we may want to use cartoons, diagrams, photos, whatever)

I would add

7. easy or at least possible way to download our stuff for backups and moving to some other place

We're asking for too much, aren't we?

The idea is to use such a site for some 15 "parlamentarians". Later there will be other groups etc.

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De: fernand0 Fecha: 2004-02-18 18:34

First, I think that a distributed approach is more robust: anybody blogging from wherever he wants.

Second, check this collection of sites in order to find one for you.

Third, have a look to this recommendation.

De: lgs Fecha: 2004-02-19 17:45

fernand0, thanks for the links!

I've looked at blogland/mblog and it looks nice - but does not accept groups at the moment.

A distributed aproach, yes - but then we need to have an aggregator somewhere, or don't we?

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