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Again Umesh (see also previous post on this blog) makes me think about fostering villages.

The aim would be to make villages more atractive than megacities, and there are many factors that influence the success of "village creation" or "village fostering" initiatives.

Idea: So maybe there could be a sort of "village creation intenship", modeled on what doctors do in many countries. If you want to be a heart specialist, you have to spend some time of your training with lung specialists, some time with surgeons, some time in other places ... So if you want to work in "villages", as a "village activist", maybe you should go around gaining hands-on experience in different fields: farming, solar cooking, linux, team work, applied public health, whatever.

More information? People may be doing this sort of things already. So if you know about them please tell us over here!

More ideas:
- The "training material" could of course be in the public domain or under a creative commons license.
- Groups could be networked to each other using the common channels initiative.

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