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I don't know where this idea falls, but it sure is creative, fun, and good!

Their idea: You gather your students around Openoffice.org, create and test a copy on CD, package it nicely, and send it to some other school where they may appreciate it. You can turn it into an economically sustainable thing by burning a few copies that you sell to your parents at a small profit - which you use to burn the CDs for other schools.

Benefits: Everyone involved learns about sharing, doing, making a profit, reinvesting, communicating. Kids and parents and people abroad get to know free software in general, and OOo in particular. Connection between people are created - and hopefully mantained because they share file-formats (not a small advantage!).

Other ideas: Can you think of other ways to make cooperative presents?

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De: lgs Fecha: 2003-12-22 19:31

Just posted this idea as a comment to linuxtoday's original story.

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