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This is just a draft idea, related to polution, noise, etc.

The aim would be to help people think if they really need a car for the next 10 years. There would be quantitative factors and qualitative factors, which would help compute one's own "stupidity index" related to having a car.

Perhaps "stupidity" is too strong a word, but maybe not. It depends. Sometimes it's really stupid to have a car.

The idea would be to write a webpage, in one of those fine languages (PHP?), that would present a few options and do some calculations. Something like this:

- How old is your car? (Answer in number of years.)
- How much did you pay for it? (In some suitable currency.)
- How many kilometer/miles do you drive on an average day on your own? (If you drive with two people inside the car, divide the real distance by two. We want one-person/one-car distances, so to speak.)
- How much do you pay for garage and parking per month?

Then the program computes how much your car costs you. It's typically 3 or 4 times the price of your new car, I am told.

The program also computes how much your car costs you per day and per distance (kilometer or mile).

If your daily distance is small it suggests that you walk. If it's not so small (we could ask for age and health condition), then it suggests a mixture of walking downhill and taking buses or taxis. If it's really non-walkable, it suggests other (qualitative) factors and alternatives.

Oh, I don't know. Maybe we have something here, maybe not. I just wanted to jot it down in case I'm hit by a bike. ;)

Ah, yes: the program would be public domain, so that people would be able to copy it around, translate it, localize it, and even include it in commercial software or motivation schemes - I think all this is good if we take some cars out of the street in a sensible way, thereby helping everyone and nature. (Oh, sorry: we are part of nature.)

Another advantage would be that we would get people to think about their having a car, in terms of factors (if it sounds like Edward de Bono's CAF thinking tool, well, I've used the tool so I'm influenced by having used it - it must have left a trace in my brain). What other factors should we consider in owning or using a car? The software should allow input from the user: other factors and alternatives.

Also, maybe we could ask the user to submit his/her data and gather stuff for some nice, and probably useless, statistics.

Walking is good for your brain. I believe "discourse" used to mean "walk" in Greek. Don't take my word for it, though.

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De: Natalie Fecha: 2003-12-20 14:35

fantastico! I think it's an excellent and workable idea, Lugon. And the Stupidity Index is very appropriate.

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